Need a Bigger Email Marketing List? Harness the Power of Webinars!

We all know it can take years to build a solid list of interested and invested consumers. And let’s face it, who wants to wait years to start selling their product or service? Recently, I stumbled upon a blog published by Gregory Ciotti highlighting webinars as a new, but highly effective, tactic for growing your email list. If you would like to add “1,054 email subscribers in 28 days”, keep reading… Webinars are becoming increasingly popular, and POWERFUL, tools in the world of marketing and relationship building.  Hosting a webinar allows you to share your knowledge and experience with others, while simultaneously bolstering you as an expert in your field. To turn your basic webinar into an opportunity for email list growth, Ciotti suggests:

1. Giving away your email is simply how webinars “work”

The concept of a webinar is pretty self-explanatory and if you’re considering joining one, giving up your email is a reasonable level of commitment. Don’t forget that with great power, comes great responsibility. If someone is going to give you their email, give them valuable and informative content in exchange that keeps them coming back for more. 2. Webinars create a sense of urgency, without being artificial or “salesy” What draws people in about webinars is the appeal of exclusivity. With limited spots, webinars can fill up within hours, so use that as a key point in your marketing strategy. The goal is to turn interest into commitment… which is where your webinar will seal the deal. 3. Readers are already “primed” to act from reading previous information It’s a Friday night and you decide to go to the movies. What’s the first thing you do? Check out the theater schedule and watch the trailers, right? You are now primed for the movie. This same idea is true of webinars. By presenting similar information pre-webinar on your advertising or registration page, your audience is ready and prepared to hear your message. Interested in learning more about webinars and how to effectively implement a marketing strategy to build your customer base? I’d love to chat!

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