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Simplify Your Work-Life Balance with Tips From Leading Experts

The ongoing shift to minimalism has continued to gain popularity over the past several years. While the focus of minimalism tends to make you think of tips for your home and family, wouldn’t it be great to simplify your work life, too? Joshua Becker, one of the leading experts on living a minimalist lifestyle, recently presented “7 Common Problems Solved by Owning Less” on his blog, “becoming minimalist.”:

  1. “I don’t have enough money / I’m in debt.”
  2. “There’s just not enough time in the day.”
  3. “There’s always so much cleaning to do / Even after I clean, my house still feels cluttered.”
  4. “My house is too small / There’s never enough storage around here.”
  5. “I’m too stressed.”
  6. “I can’t decide what to wear / It’s so hard to keep up with the changing fashions.”
  7. “I wish I had…”

We all experience these problems at home, but how many apply to your work? As business owners or responsible employees, there is always a concern for the bottom line and the use of time as a precious commodity. Consider Joshua’s third “problem.” I’m sure we all have that one drawer or closet of things we don’t use, but we keep “just in case” we’ll magically need it one day in the future. If you got rid of that stuff-reserved-for-the-future, the fourth identified issue would not be a problem. Too stressed? Maybe these simple tips will help ease some of the tension in your daily life. You’ll be able to find the toner for the printer or those envelopes with the window in your clean and organized, de-cluttered closet. I challenge you to try to simplify your work life in one small way and see what happens! What’s the worst thing that could happen: you have to buy more paper clips?

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