Future Marketing Trends: Time Traveling to the Next Big Thing

As a savvy business professional, you’re always looking ahead so that you can ensure your business is positioned to be able to take advantage of whatever is on the horizon. Marketing trends are the perfect thing to watch out for. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a crystal ball you could use to see into the future? 

Having marketing experts on your team can be almost as good as magic, though! Here at Piccolo, we are immersed in and focused on the Nashville business landscape so that we can help business owners like yourself navigate any developments and nuances on your way to success. 

For example, some really exciting marketing trends are developing that we think may very well take the world by storm in the future; let’s talk about them!

What Are The Top Three Marketing Trends We Will See In The Coming Year?

There are several fascinating trends on the horizon that we believe will transform the way we do business. Today, we’ll talk about just three in particular:

  • Artificial intelligence will dominate marketing in the future as machine learning expands the possibilities for marketers when targeting consumers. AI will allow machines to act for themselves when targeting audiences, and the accumulation of data over the next few years will enable devices to revolutionize the landscape of marketing. AI allows organizations to be more data-driven rather than being steered by intuition, wishful thinking, and gut feel. Not incorporating artificial intelligence into your organization soon in some way will be like sweeping tons of data under the rug. You will lose insights and vital information.
  • Video marketing is gaining popularity at a mind-bending rate. Creating a video yourself is fairly easy to do yourself. Still, if your company doesn’t have the time or capability, you can always hire a third-party company to film or animate a video for you at an affordable price. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Just imagine the impact that a video can deliver!
  • Most consumers used their phones for a significant portion of their shopping, browsing, and entertainment experience during the recent stay-at-home advisories and country lockdowns. Brands made the move to Mobile First Advertising to ensure that their services, sites, and advertisements were mobile-ready. This has affected almost all the digital advertising trends in the market. We predict that this trend will only continue to grow in the future. Laptops are now considered bulky and hard to travel with compared to a smartphone, which does all the same things as that laptop. This is a hot trend to incorporate into your business marketing strategy!

How Can Piccolo Help Me Position My Business Marketing Strategy For Future Success?

Custom workflows and proprietary processes make it possible for you to do your best work. Piccolo helps businesses by creating consistency through efficient, effective, replicable systemsr. The results are better profit margins, improved processes, less stress, scalability, flexibility, streamlined communication, and clarity in expectations.

Our digital marketing services include:

In addition to our marketing services, Piccolo is the solution if you need help with Project Management or any other business-related systems and processes. Piccolo is the solution!

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