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Top Tools for Small Businesses: Our 8 Must-Have Picks

When you’re a business owner, finding resources and tools that are not only reliable but also affordable, can be a challenge. But over the years, our team here at Piccolo, have discovered some tools that we would not be where we are today without. Great for small businesses and entrepreneurs, they are affordable and valuable for those working on a team or on their own. 

Here are our top 8 tools for small businesses: 

1. Asana

Where would we be without Asana? This project management tool has easily manageable and adjustable project and task tracking. In Asana, you can keep yourself and your team members up to date and on track with deadlines and communication. It also keeps your email inbox clean, because in Asana, you have your own “inbox” that keeps you informed on progress, questions, file sharing, and notes from your coworkers. No more losing track of information and communication! You can easily keep everything organized in one place and create templates based on recurring patterns in your work.

2. Google Drive

Our team uses Google Drive every single day. It is our own virtual filing cabinet for any documents that our team needs to collaborate on. With flexible storage options, you always have enough space for all of your files. And in a shared space with your team that can be easily searched, you can organize all of your files and keep everyone in the loop. As long as you and your team are connected to the internet, you can be anywhere in the world collaborating to get the job done. 

3. Dropbox Sign

When you need a document signed, Dropbox Sign is the ideal way to go. With this tool, you can send or request signatures. And unlike other platforms, you can request signatures from up to 20 different people at once. It also works great with apps you already use like, Google Drive and Salesforce. Dropbox Sign empowers companies to do paperless business in an instant with a web app and API. Have a lot of forms in your day to day? Check out Dropbox Forms as well! 

4. LastPass

Password security is a huge issue with the numerous leaks of personal data from companies around the world. Almost every site and app requires a password, and it should be as secure as possible. The problem becomes how to remember all of these Fort-Knox-like number and letter combinations. LastPass not only generates passwords for you but can manage them for you and ensure that only those who need access have it. 

5. Whereby

Video meetings are keeping us together even when we are far apart. You can use this free tool with unlimited meeting time, the option to share your screen, and even record your meetings. And there’s no need for downloads or guests to log in because Whereby keeps video meetings in the browser. There are also several different plan options, making it easy for use with a team or as your own personal meeting space. 

6. Loom

Make the most of your time by recording a quick explanation or how-to video, and you only have to explain it once. This extension allows you to record your screen and create videos to give tutorials. Your videos can be watched or shared whenever you need to with whoever needs to see it with the shareable links Loom creates for each of the videos you record. Loom maximizes your time and keeps everyone up to date. 

7. Design Pickle

Most businesses need a lot of graphics for marketing. Design Pickle is a great tool that allows you to request designs for anything from social media posts to your website. Requesting a design is simple, and you can give as many details and be as specific as you want. Then, you send it off to let a graphic designer create for you! You can communicate easily for edits or if you forgot to add in any details, and when the design is complete, they will send it to you in several different formats to use wherever you need it. 

8. Bright Local 

As a business, managing and keeping track of your local SEO data is essential. With Bright Local, you can optimize all of your organic search results. This tool lets you view all of your local rankings as well as track every one of your locations on different dashboards, so you always know where your business ranks. The charts are easy to understand, and you can even get more detailed reports if you want to dig deeper into your rankings. 

We have years of experience at Piccolo as an outsourced marketing company for multiple industries. Our focus is not only on driving results but on teaching our clients as we go. We use one-on-one mentor sessions over the phone or via video to work with you to reach your goals. If you’re ready to gain access to resources that help you find the time, organization, and ease of use that is vital to your business’s success, check out our Marketing Mentorship program.

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