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Virtual Meetings: Top 8 Tools for Business

With amazing advancements in technology, we have the unique opportunity to conduct business from practically anywhere. Virtual meetings keep us together even when we are far apart, and this opens a world of opportunity for business owners whether you work primarily remotely or not. Virtual meetings offer us many other benefits as well with instant communications that make running a business more effective. 

For hosting virtual meetings at Piccolo Marketing, we use a tool called Whereby. This tool has been a great resource for our team, and there are a few reasons why we recommend Whereby over the mass of other video conferencing tools out there.

Unlimited Meeting Time

I am sure many business owners have been where you are, in the middle of an important business development discussion only to find your call cut short and yourself removed from your virtual meeting after it has timed out. With Whereby, there is no call duration limit for meetings, so you never have to worry about being kicked out of a meeting in the middle of a good idea or in the event your meeting goes longer than planned. 

Screen Sharing

It is sometimes difficult to describe exactly what you are seeing on your end of a project. When you are working remotely, this challenge is even more difficult. This is why Whereby’s screen sharing feature is a lifesaver for easily hosting presentations and collaborating with team members so they can see what you are seeing and everyone can be on the same page. If you are able to offer visual examples and explain things effectively, this will help you get a more efficient result for whatever projects or items you are discussing. 


For those presentations that might be missed by certain team members, being able to record meetings and presentations helps keep your entire team in the loop. With Whereby, you can easily record your meetings and download them to share with your colleagues. It can also be extremely useful for going back and referencing yourself to make sure that no important information was missed. 

Meetings Hosted In the Web Browser

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Whereby is it can save you valuable time. It is fast and easy to use, and you will save a ton of administrative time since the meetings are hosted in the web browser. There is no need to worry about any unnecessary setup steps beforehand. Whereby keeps things simple, and there are very few instructions needed for anyone who needs to join. And with meetings hosted in the browser, there are no guest registrations or downloads required. 

Plan Options

The level of access and features needed are different from business owner to business owner. If you are using it as a team or as your own personal meeting space, Whereby has several different plan options to accommodate this. This means that you will only be paying for what you need, and it’s easy to adjust depending on if your needs change over time. 

There are plenty of video meeting tools out there, but few offer key features to make your meetings as effective as possible by saving you time and hassle-free setup. Whereby is a lesser-known tool for video chatting, but it is one that we’ve tested and found to be a faster and easier option for holding efficient business meetings for individuals and teams over the years. 

We have years of experience at Piccolo as an outsourced marketing company for multiple industries. Our focus is not only on driving results but on teaching our clients as we go. We use one-on-one mentor sessions over the phone or via video to work with you to reach your goals. If you’re ready to gain access to resources that help you find the time, organization, and ease of use that is vital to your business’s success, check out our Marketing Mentorship program.


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