Company Culture

What Are Three Tips For Creating A Healthy Company Culture?

A healthy corporate culture is one in which corporate values and behaviors are consistently lived across an organization. 

Why Should I Create And Foster A Healthy Company Culture?

Your role as CEO or brand owner is how you set the tone for your brand. Your words, actions, and ideas are examples that will either motivate and excite employees into action or drive them away.

The health of an organization encompasses your employees’:

  • well-being
  • ability to function effectively
  • ability to adapt to change
  • opportunities for growth
  • effective use of resources


How Do I Create A Robust Company Culture For My Nashville Business?


When you manage by force, control, or coercion and get caught up in focusing on what’s wrong or broken and who is to blame, your team gets defensive and protective, creating a company culture of fear and intimidation.

You want to avoid seeing that happen as a wise business owner!

 Here are some tips for fostering the necessary conditions for your company’s improvement, creation, and growth.

  • Create a safe environment where issues and differences can be discussed openly. If your employees are worried about the repercussions of sharing their observations and suggestions, they won’t be truthful. Remove that fear by permitting them to share their thoughts and feedback, and ensure you receive it with openness and a willingness to modify your behavior.
  • Remove distractions like phones and laptops during meetings and one-on-ones to better focus your attention on the other person, and make appropriate eye contact. The quality of your presence will make employees feel seen and valued for who they are and their contributions; such support can fuel a pivotal shift in a company or career.
  • Good listening is a two-way dialogue, and the best conversations are active. Capture ideas, ask questions, and re-state issues to confirm that your understanding is correct. 


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