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What Does Leadership Look Like At Your Company?

Running a successful business requires you to be an effective leader, but keep in mind that while there are many different personality types and work styles, there are also different leadership methods as well. What does leadership look like at your company? Today we are going to share some thoughts that we hope will help you strengthen your own unique leadership style. 

Your leadership may be:


Transformational leaders work with the goal of building and motivating their teams and organizations so that they’re constantly improving. They create a vision of the future and share that vision with their teams to ensure the team works together toward the company’s shared goal and vision. Leaders of this kind are often seen as authentic, self-aware and empathetic, and they can be expected to handle conflict among team members well, holding both themselves and their team members accountable.


This leadership style includes all team members in the decision-making process. While they are ultimately responsible for making final decisions, these leaders are prone to asking the team what they think and will then make sure to take their thoughts and opinions into account. This can help increase engagement among team members. It may not always be the best style when there is a need to make a quick decision, however.


The autocratic leader will make all decisions on their own without feeling the need to consult other team members. This can be a good system in a business environment that calls for immediate decision-making. However, it can make team members feel isolated or dissatisfied with their working environment when they don’t feel like their opinions or ideas are ever considered in important decisions that affect them directly. 


Those who practice this style are known for giving their team members a lot of freedom, and while these leaders will provide support and resources for team members when it’s necessary, they don’t micromanage. Do you have a lot of trust among your team members? Do they manage their time well on their own and require little oversight? Then this can be an effective leadership style. However, newer team members and those who need more guidance or time-management help may not respond as well to this leadership style.


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