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What Is The Best Form Of Digital Marketing For Your Business?

What Is The Best Form Of Digital Marketing For Your Business?

Over the last decade, marketing has undergone a drastic transition with its comprehensive shift to digitalization. This digital shift was caused by the rise of social media, combined with increased internet accessibility. Social networking apps – like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – have now become the go-to avenues of content consumption. Today, with the introduction of content creation tools such as reels, carousel posts, and more, marketing professionals now work in a whole new advertising arena. These content creation tools not only ensure vibrant audience interaction but also help marketers reach new customers around the world, making digital marketing more important than ever. 

Digital marketing has turned the world into a global market. If you have a solid understanding of the latest digital trends or insight into how to use some of the most popular digital marketing tools, you can even compete with the big corporations! In order to continue to be successful, you will need to stay on top of all the digital marketing tools available for the digital marketing needs of your Nashville business. 

Which Digital Marketing Tool Is The Best One For You To Use?

Google Analytics. According to many analysts, Google Analytics should be one of the first tools you use when you are building and growing your business venture, and it is also considered the most powerful digital marketing tool of all time. Google Analytics is: 

  • Super functional 
  • Requires minimal time and effort
  • The software provides you with the ability to track every action done by each visitor on your website, helping you to understand the source of organic traffic or the effectiveness of certain keywords

What Are Some Other Great Digital Marketing Tools For My Nashville Business?

In addition to Google Analytics, there are some other digital marketing tools that can be extremely useful to you. Let’s talk about them here:

Hootsuite. The social media space has limitless opportunities so it is very important that you take advantage of all those opportunities and organize yourself in an effective way. Luckily, Hootsuite can help you here; it is basically your virtual social media assistant. This software helps you: 

  • Schedule your social media posts in advance
  • Identify relevant influencers for your team
  • Handle a number of social media outlets through a single dashboard, and more

MailChimp. This email marketing software has over 12 million customers, making it one of the top email marketing providers of all time. The tool features:

  • Self-service support options, ensuring that you can quickly find answers to all of your questions
  • A free plan for those with less than 2,000 subscribers and those who don’t send more than 12,000 emails per month, so it is an economical choice

Here at Piccolo Solutions, we are committed to supporting the Nashville business community. Whether you need help with digital marketing, project management, operational services, or more, we’re here for you!

We offer the services and client care of an experienced marketing department, customized to your current projects and budgets. Plus, our solutions are data-driven to consistently generate measurable growth. If you need help, but hiring a full-time marketer or marketing department isn’t the right solution, Piccolo is the fix! 

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