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It seems unbelievable, but email is now 50 years old! Some predictions in the last decade said email wouldn’t last, but the opposite is true. Even though online messaging apps, social media, and texting are widely available, the number of people using email continues to grow. Email is the preferred method for today’s customers to reach out to brands with their customer support concerns. At the same time, businesses use email to engage new customers and nurture leads, particularly in marketing. Let’s discuss some things you should avoid as you build your email marketing strategy to make the most of the opportunities!

What Are Some Important Email Marketing Practices To Avoid?


Here are five practical tips on what NOT to do:

  1. The art of cramming keywords onto a page – called “keyword stuffing” – compromises the integrity of your website and email content. Keep your keyword frequency around one percent to make it through the corporate filters.
  2. High bounce rates are an instant red flag to spam filters. Create a plan to remove bounced email addresses regularly and keep your contact list clean; high bounce rates can get your account disabled.
  3. Excessive use of capital letters, multiple exclamations points, bad grammar, and spam-related words are red flags to your readers. Stay professional in all your communications.
  4. Buying or renting email lists is not something we suggest making a part of your email marketing strategy. These lists often have high bounce and high opt-out rates. 
  5. Avoid embedding forms and attachments when sending mass emails to your contact lists. You may consider providing a clickable link to these elements and using them as a lead-generation tool.

Where Can I Find Exceptional Email Marketing Strategy Advice?


We’re glad you asked! At Piccolo Solutions, we are email marketing strategy experts. We can help you create email campaigns your customers want to open, helping you push sales and build deeper relationships with your base. Sending a quick update email with text and a picture or two doesn’t quite cut it in the new media market. Our team is savvy in the latest digital trends and will create an email marketing strategy tailored to your business and customers!

Some key benefits of working with Piccolo to build your email marketing strategy are:

  • Creating custom templates
  • Having access to reports and metrics
  • Developing a consistent schedule
  • Growing and managing your list


Piccolo can help you grow and optimize your mailing list with creative campaigns and consistent, engaging email content, so you stay top-of-mind with your customers! 

Get in touch with us today and start building the perfect email marketing strategy for your business!

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