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Your Business Needs A Suggestion Box

We’ve all heard the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” many times. Any savvy business owner knows very well how true this deceptively simple maxim actually is. Unless you run a small home-based operation, you truly need the hands and hearts of those on your workforce team to help you achieve your goals, every single day. 


Concerning teamwork, athlete Michael Jordan said,” Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Simon Shek, author of “Leaders Eat Last”, posited: “The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team.”

You have built a great team, composed of people with various skills and talents, and together you do wonderful things. Sometimes, however, your staff may be a bit intimidated or shy about sharing concerns or ideas that they may have with the group. This can rob your operation of that oh-so valuable creative energy and intelligence you need to succeed! If you suspect this may be an issue with your team, you may want to incorporate that time-honored item known as The Suggestion Box!

The Suggestion Box

Having a place for the exchange of ideas that remains anonymous can be a powerful way to encourage people to share thoughts and issues with the group at large without fear of a possible backlash or criticism. Every business owner hopes that no one on their staff would feel that way, and we know you work hard to foster an open and honest environment for your team. However, we all come from different experiences and some of us struggle with shyness or fear, which in turn can create obstacles in communication. 

The Suggestion Box is a safe place that can remove those communication challenges, and within that Box, you may find some truly astounding treasures of creative design or solutions to problems you would never have thought of by yourself. As Michael Jordan said, the combination of intelligence and teamwork will help you achieve your goals like a business champion! 


Here at Piccolo, we are dedicated to the success of the Nashville business community. We have a special understanding of the pains and struggles that you face when it comes to marketing your company, reaching new customers, and retaining your current customer base. We can help inspire your workforce to achieve your greater goals through mentorship and education, as well. 

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