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A Case Study: 4 SEO Tips for Getting Found Online

“How do I get to the first page of Google?” That’s a great question! Before you can sell, your prospects need to know you exist. It’s the most basic part of running a business. So, how do you get found online? In short: search engines. But you have to let the search engines know you’re here, and that you offer valuable products and services. Traditional SEO takes a lot of time and money, but with a targeted strategy, you can see some solid results with just a foundational investment. Don’t believe us? Check out our process: 1. Determine Your Keywords 2. Claim and Optimize Your Digital Listings 3. Build Google Reviews 4. Develop a Consistent Content/Posting Schedule   Recently, a client in the service industry realized his business was only showing up sporadically in search results, and rarely on the first page. AVMS developed a 4-part plan to consistently improve his rankings:

1. Define the Niche: After evaluating his business, we were able to define approximately 10 keywords that, when searched, would lead a potential client to his company. These words were used as often as possible in all digital content.

2. Go where your customers are: AVMS confirmed that all applicable online directories (Google+, Yelp, Angie’s List, Bing, etc.) and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) were claimed and optimized with accurate information and images.

3. Ask for feedback: Customer reviews hold huge weight with Google’s search algorithm, so our team developed a custom system to invite past clients to leave a testimonial. The system gained traction, and is now executed on a monthly cycle to continue tracking improvement. In just under 12 months, the number of reviews has increased by 5x, and the average rating has increased from about 4 stars to almost 5 (that’s out of 5 possible stars, see next page).

4. Revise and Optimize: We started an SEO program in conjunction with AVMS services partner Blue Plover, and the client quickly saw a rise in search rankings for some keywords. Unfortunately, the “be everywhere at all times for everyone” approach using all 10 keywords was spreading his results too thin. After running this “wide but shallow” test for a few months, we reviewed the results and recalibrated the plan, reducing the keyword count to 5. This led to a faster, larger jump in rankings for each search term. In summary, our initial four-part strategy revolved around budgeting, measuring, and managing effectively. The funds and results of this comprehensive and targeted SEO campaign are also reported to the client on a monthly basis. During review, we are able to ensure that the tactics are worth the investment, and if they are not, update the plan quickly. The results after 11 months speak for themselves. The business has climbed in the rankings, showing up or staying in the coveted “above the fold” positions on the first page WITHOUT having to pay the high costs of Pay-Per-Click advertising. If you’re noticing that your business isn’t showing up online, give us a call at 615-348-7768. We’ll help you get found. 


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