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Small Business Marketing Success with a Small Budget

At Piccolo Marketing, we know your big goals are often backed by small(er than you’d like) marketing budgets. As a marketing-for-small-business expert, we’re here to tell you that the size of your budget doesn’t have to dictate the success of your marketing strategy!   The biggest key to your marketing success is the strength of your marketing strategy. That strategy should include a variety of marketing avenues from print to email newsletters and social media profiles. With the wide array of marketing options that are available, don’t forget that there are many low or no-cost options that you can use to bolster your strategy.   Consider these marketing methods from Inc.:

  1. Create a loyalty program. This can be as simple as providing customers the opportunity to join an email list (with options in-store, Bigpoint of sale, or a link on your website). Membership in this exclusive club gives the consumer access to birthday coupons, insider sales or discounts, or freebies, such as a free how-to guide.
  2. Harness the power of partnerships. Make your networking and marketing strategies work together. Attend strategic networking events with the goal of developing referral partners. Have your customers been looking for additional, complementary services that you don’t provide? Developing a network of service providers can set you up to meet your customers’ needs, whether personally or in collaboration. Your network will extend the same courtesy to you, should the need arise!
  3. Support a local cause. This is the ultimate in free marketing. Taking the time to volunteer or donate with a local organization can help you to tap into new markets, cost-free. Take care to choose organizations that are meaningful to you, both personally and professionally. You are guaranteed to encounter fellow volunteers or participants that are like-minded, giving you the opportunity to create new connections. When these potential customers find themselves in need of your services, they’ll know where to turn!

Click here for more low to no-cost marketing options from Inc.   Want to learn more? Check out my past blogs for tips on developing a marketing budget, marketing strategy, and social media strategy. Need one-on-one help? Give us a call at Piccolo Marketing at 615-348-7768 or email us at


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