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Content Marketing – Where, How, and Why to Get Started!

Does your content marketing strategy focus on your organization’s story? A clear, concise content marketing strategy engages your audience and drives consumer behavior. With a successful content strategy, you will have a framework for the creation, production, and distribution of your marketing materials.

Let’s get started!


  1. Who is your audience? Consider their needs, wants, and motivations for seeking out your product or services.
  2. Where are they looking? Based on your audience and product/service, your audience is more likely to be found on a particular platform. Be there with them!


  1. Create a business plan. Include in your content marketing strategy your marketing goals and overall business goals. Don’t forget to include quarterly and yearly goals.
  2. Consider obstacles and opportunities. Make sure you consider the bigger picture. You should incorporate these into your strategy to capitalize and address any foreseen issues – be proactive!


  1. Write it down. Documenting your goals and keeping track of them helps to keep you accountable to yourself and your strategy. Schedule monthly times to review, adjust, and update your content marketing strategy as appropriate.
  2. Keep your strategy focused. Not only will this help you to develop your brand, but customers thrive on consistency. Consider consistency in your posting quantity, content, imaging, and overall tone of your message.


Need a second set of eyes to review and/or develop your content marketing? Give us a call at  Piccolo at 615-348-7768 to get started!

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