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Marketing Strategy: Should I Start a Blog?

Are you feeling the itch to change up your marketing strategy, but you’re not quite sure what the next step is? Or maybe you’ve been considering starting a blog, but you’re not sure if it makes sense for you? My answer… it depends!

It depends on your intention, your goals, and your ability to commit. Consider these questions before you get started:

  1. Do you have knowledge or experience you can convey to the masses?

Whatever your knowledge or experience, there is an interested audience that can learn from you. Leading into the next several questions, setting yourself up as an expert is a great way to boost your credibility and build your network.

  1. Are you looking for a way to build credibility?

People tend to require more proof of your expertise than a job title or degree. They want something tangible. Additionally, if a potential client is considering hiring you, your blog may be a good resource to convey your expertise and knowledge. It may be just the tool you need to land your next client!

  1. Are you trying to build your network?

Your blog can serve as a low-maintenance tool to keep friends and customers engaged or as a tool to attract and educate potential clients or referral partners. A particular blog or topic can serve as a conversation-starter, helping your to form connections with other industry influencers.

  1. Can you stick to a blogging schedule?

How often should you blog? Again… it depends! Some people blog daily, some blog once per month. Consider how you will be using and promoting your blog? Is it going to be part of your ongoing social media campaign, a feature of a newsletter/monthly email, or something else entirely? Whatever schedule makes sense for you – stick to it! Remember, it’s always better to add more in the future versus overcommit on the front end.

To see the full list of why you should consider blogging, click here.

Happy blogging!



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