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Small Business Solutions for Managing a Fully Remote Team

Managing a remote workforce requires a different approach from the one you use for an onsite team. With so many businesses moving towards this configuration, markets are exploding with new ways of looking at how we work!

As a fully remote small business, the Piccolo team has years of experience in this type of work environment. We have some great recommendations and solutions for you today that we think you’ll love. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Piccolo’s Top Recommendations For Managing Your Remote Workforce?

Here are a few of our favorite remote workforce solutions:

  • Excellent communication is critical when employees work remotely. For remote work to succeed, everyone needs to know the scope of the work, the deliverables, and the deadlines. 
  • Encourage your employees to connect through instant messaging, video conferencing, or telephone calls with questions or concerns. Communication should also be frequent; regularly hold meetings, one-on-one chats, and conference calls.
  • You won’t be able to supervise your employees like you would if they were in the office. That doesn’t mean they aren’t getting the job done, however. If you can’t trust them, you may need to ask yourself why you hired them in the first place or what caused you to lose trust in them. You’ve got to ditch trust issues and make sure you don’t fall into micromanaging!
  • Many employees love the autonomy that comes with remote work, while others enjoy extra guidance and the company of others. Sometimes working from home is too isolating for remote employees, particularly those living alone. The isolation can also hurt team building and relationships with colleagues. If you have minimal contact with your supervisor or co-workers, it’s easy to feel like you’re not part of a team. Schedule time to hang out together; even if you all live in different places, you can do a non-work-related video call!

Why Should I Partner With Piccolo Solutions For My Small Business?

Whenever you face a challenge in your small business endeavor, it’s helpful to have someone to walk with you as you navigate those times. 

Piccolo Solutions was born from our experiences in managing a fully remote small business; we know what you’re going through! You can count on us for solutions for all the unique business situations you will encounter.

  • Our team will get set up in your project management systems and help keep you and your team organized and accountable. Project Management means many different things to many other business owners. However, if there is a specific follow-up, we will develop a way to track, assess, communicate, and complete the tasks you need to be prioritized. 
  • Are you feeling burned out because you don’t have a system to make your company processes easier? Do you need standard operating procedures to streamline your workflows better? At Piccolo, we have organized systems to plan, coordinate, and successfully execute projects. We can help you see projects through to completion AND stay within your allocated budget by sticking to a schedule and maintaining project milestones.
  • We offer the services and client care of an experienced marketing department customized to your current projects and budgets! Our solutions are data-driven to generate measurable growth consistently. If you need help but hiring a full-time marketer or marketing department isn’t the right solution, Piccolo is the fix!

Contact us today, and let’s get started!


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