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The Best Tools for Small Business Owners (According to a Small Business Owner!)

The Sound of Music (celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year) they sang, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” to describe some of their favorite things in life.  

If you know me, you know I don’t sing… at all. (It’s for everyone’s benefit!) Instead, I’ll blog about some of my favorite things in business.  While my list could go on for days, you have to start somewhere:

Dropbox What is it? – 

This is the ultimate one stop shop for me to save all of my photos, documents, videos, and files into one spot.  I can access them from any computer, tablet, or phone whenever I need them by logging into my account.

I highly recommend this for any entrepreneur that is always on the go.

If your personal laptop dies, you can just log into your account on another computer and open the files you need for your upcoming meeting.  If you need to print a photo quickly, just grab it from your Dropbox account.

Did I mention the sharing feature?  Just log in, select your document and share it via email. Teams small and large benefit from having the same up to date resources at all times. Triplog What is it? Using Triplog, I can track my mileage anytime I travel for business. I just download the app, drive more than 5 miles an hour and it automatically begins logging the mileage. Sweet! This is great for anyone that must keep an accurate record of their travel. After your trip, Triplog syncs and merges data instantly from your phone to the web. At year end, you can instantly download a report to claim your mileage. Time to throw away the mileage notebook in your glove compartment and check it out. Eventbrite What is it? This is a great place to create an event or even sign up for one.  Eventbrite offers the ability to design, invite, and manage an event from beginning to the end. I would suggest using Eventbrite to manage any free or paid event.  

This tool allows you to input all event information, shows a map to the venue, and puts a limit on how many guests can RSVP.  Then, just import a list of who you want to invite and email the invitations.

It also keeps up with your previous events for easy duplication and allows you to create contact lists.  This means that it takes even less time to set up future gatherings.


Take at peek at each of these tools and try them out, but be prepared to become more efficient and have extra time on your hands.  Maybe even time to watch The Sound of Music…


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