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Webinars: Why Are They So Popular?

If you own a business, you have likely learned the importance of staying relevant with your marketing efforts. However, it can sometimes be costly to stay ahead of the competition. That is why there is a growing trend of using webinars as training and/or marketing tools.

What is a webinar?

The most basic definition of a webinar is a seminar held over the internet. People from multiple locations nationwide, and even globally, can join an internet discussion most commonly led by one person pertaining to a set topic.

How can a webinar be used for training?

Webinars are a great way to train your staff. For example, if you want to implement a new marketing process for your staff to learn, you can pay a one-time fee to attend an online group training. Typically, there is a question and answer session afterward. Your staff can use that time to ask the webinar leader any questions. This type of training gets everyone on the same page, requiring less time than teaching each person individually.

Can I grow my business with webinars?

What’s even more exciting, is how your business can use a webinar to boost its brand. By hosting your own teaching webinar you can reach more customers in more locations. Some great ideas include discussing lead generation, launching a product, product demos or customer communication. There are no geographical restraints so the possibilities are endless.

What are the main benefits of webinars?

There are several reasons that webinars are growing in popularity, the most significant being cost effectiveness. Since webinars can be created and shared online, there is minimal overhead cost involved. Also, putting together a webinar has become so user friendly that almost anyone can create one. Lastly, they can be re-used and visible online 24/7 if you choose (Evergreen product). That means more training opportunities and more marketing exposure for your business.

As you review your marketing strategy for the remainder of the year, be sure to consider how a webinar may be just the trick to keep you ahead of your competition.

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