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Why Marketing Outsourcing Works for Small Businesses

Think about it for a minute. Marketing a business includes a social media presence, search engine optimization, “on the ground” referral marketing, a strategy that is ever evolving and more. It may seem easier to have one employee handle each item or a team handling individual items, but it will become hard to keep complacency out of the office. Forbes poses an interesting conundrum: “How can you tell when it’s more efficient to hire your own staff to devise and carry out your marketing strategies, and when it’s more efficient to outsource the work?” Consider these 4 scenarios before you make a decision that could cost more in the long run. Revenue The number one question should be “Is your company making money?” If so, it’s important to determine if it is making a profit as quickly as your budget implies. Also, marketing is a key to making more money. Are you spending more on implementing your marketing plan than your return on investment (ROI)? This may be a good time to outsource your marketing until your ROI is on track with your budget. Having someone help from the outside will also help keep a fresh set of eyes on accomplishing your end goal (i.e. creating a social media presence, improving search engine optimization and sticking to your marketing strategy). Delayed Activity Sometimes things are just easier said than done. Implementing your marketing strategy can be one of these things. You may have a staff that is fully capable of handling social media and blogging, but half the battle is doing so on time and consistently. An online presence is key along with staying on the forefront of your customers’ minds. If your team cannot stay consistent, then it may be time to consider hiring a contract marketer. Technology Let’s face it, technology is ever changing. It seems there is a new “must have” app launching every day. Maybe this new app is perfect for your business, but how will you know until you research it? Do you or your team have time to research new apps and software to stay on top of the technology trends? If you answered “no” then it may be time to let a marketing professional outside of your company step in and help. Results The key to getting better is gauging your results from previous months and years. Your marketing strategy should be working so well that you see monthly improvements in revenue. While, having a team that works well together is great, seeing results is better. Outsourcing your marketing help can give you the time to see where changes need to be made to be more successful. Also, an outside marketer can offer advice from a different prospective. Most importantly, outsourcing marketing is not for every business. Research the costs involved with hiring a new full-time employee compared to hiring a contract employee. For more scenarios to consider before making a decision, visit here! Want to get more updates for your business? Get my emails:


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