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Get Trendy: Top 5 Marketing Tips of 2015

The shift towards digital marketing is continuing to rise. In fact, it is estimated that 33% of all marketing dollars in 2015 will be spent on digital strategies. How are you spending your valuable dollars?

I am a big proponent of reviewing and adjusting your plans. If something isn’t working, STOP! Success comes from recognizing problems and seeking and implementing the best solution. Are you happy with your marketing success so far in 2015? Consider these top 5 marketing strategies for 2015:

  1. Content marketing will value quality, not quantity.

Consumers are increasingly seeking and valuing original, creative content. From a business perspective, original and targeted, consistent messaging is the best way to boost your SEO results. In fact, studies show that companies with blogs will likely generate 67% more leads per month.

  1. Social selling will fall by the wayside.

Well, sort of. Direct, pushy selling is no longer the norm. Instead, consider boosting your sales by developing leads, encouraging loyalty and building your customer base. Consider using your social media efforts as a tool to drive people back to your blog or website. Once there, get their email and then deliver high quality, value-laden content. Basically, it’s time to get smarter.

  1. Just be human.

While delivering content is important, don’t forget to be memorable. People are more likely to buy from a person they trust; so, be personal! The shift is towards building a community of followers by setting yourself up as an expert, the go-to person for “x.”

  1. Spend your advertising dollars online. 

Internet ads are expected to increase by 10% and mobile ads by 48% in 2015! It makes sense – where do people spend most of their time, whether working, relaxing or looking for more information? It’s important to not only consider the platform, but the audience. Direct, targeted marketing is becoming increasingly important. 

  1. Personalize your efforts.

I’m sure you’ve caught on by now… But, it’s so important I’ll say it again. Target your efforts to a particular segment and deliver high quality content that is engaging and drives the consumer to action. Don’t forget the simple things, either. Something as simple as including their name in mass email marketing blasts or sending out birthday emails can be a powerful tool.



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