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Boost Your Marketing Productivity with These Batching Tips!

If you’re like me, you probably find yourself doing the same tasks several times a week or even daily. But, is that the most effective use of your time? In order to be the most productive version of yourself, it may be time to consider batching! Batching is a time-management strategy that maximizes your concentration and efficiency by grouping similar activities together.

Here are some examples of a few marketing projects that you can easily batch:

Social Media

A good social media marketing strategy requires multiple posts per day up to several times weekly posts depending on the platform you use. If you are logging on multiple times per day, or even everyday, here is a HUGE opportunity to increase your productivity!

How: use Hootsuite! Simply log in to your Hootsuite account once a week and schedule all of your social media posts, across multiple platforms, from one place!

Email Marketing

Whether you send one email per week or one per month, there is opportunity to batch your time and maximize your email marketing productivity. If you are sending weekly emails, block your time out to keep “like” tasks together. For instance, write all the content at one time, build out the email templates for the month in one session, and incorporate your campaigns into your marketing strategy in one setting.

How: try MailChimp! With pre-made, customizable, and start from scratch templates, the options are endless! You can even create segments of customers in your account and schedule mailings in the future.


Similar to email marketing – whether you blog weekly or monthly, batching your time can increase your productivity. Start by creating a calendar of blog topics for the upcoming month or months. Then, block your time and write several blogs at one time. Get those creative writing juices flowing!

How: make sure to categorize your blogs and tag them appropriately based on topic and your overall content strategy. If you have several blogs written at one time, you can post them in one sitting scheduling them to publish at future dates. Don’t forget to loop back to your social media at this time, too! After you schedule your blog posts, schedule follow-up social media posts on Hootsuite.


Are you interested in implementing Hootsuite or MailChimp or developing a batching schedule? Give us a call at AVMS at 615-348-7768 to explore how to increase your marketing productivity.


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PO Box 160103
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